about-page-photo Hey. 🙂 My name’s Kate, and I’m writing to share my journey in fighting Lyme Disease and other illnesses.

Lyme disease is more common and more transmittable than most realize.

I have genetic mutations which predispose me to sensitivity to the environment (including to infections, many foods, supplements, and medicine).

Besides Lyme, I battle symptoms of pyroluria, POTS, and adrenal fatigue. Interestingly, connections appear to exist between these conditions and Lyme Disease.

Over the years, I visited a lot of doctors who were unsure how to test for problems. Many gave me harmful advice (e.g. harsh chemical chelation, “the pill”/hormone therapy, etc.).

Given my bloodwork, genetics, and symptoms, a couple doctors finally said that I quite possibly have Celiac Disease (and certainly some form of gluten sensitivity) even though the antibodies in the test did not quite reach the threshold to technically read as “positive” for celiac (I had been avoiding gluten for a while at the time of testing).

I have dealt with histamine intolerance (this is starting to improve), sulfur intolerance (also gradually improving), and am dealing with heavy metal toxicity. I have many food allergies and sensitivities, but I am gradually seeing those decrease.

Despite all this, I often appear healthy to others. Makeup goes a long way in promoting this appearance (I do have skin issues that I hide underneath, though these are also improving), but I’m also thin, and many people (doctors included) erroneously assume that if you are thin, you’re healthy.

It is common for Lyme sufferers to appear healthy on the outside, while suffering severely in invisible ways.

In all likelihood, you or someone you know is battling at least one of these issues. Follow me (the Health Hobo) to find out what’s worked and what hasn’t for me, and to receive other free health information.




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