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That Explains a Lot! – My New Discovery of Lyme Disease

As you may or may not know, I recently discovered that I have Lyme Disease. Soon after this discovery, Health Hobo was born. I have included on HH many of my older health-related posts (including ones about my journey of discovery/recovery) from Reflection Cube, my first blog. I now intend to continue the journey on

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several possible reasons for food intolerance, picture of pizza with food allergens

Several Possible Reasons For Food Intolerance

It is possible for multiple people to be sensitive to the same food for many different reasons. Here, we’ll look at some foods to which people are commonly sensitive and/or allergic, and examine some of the possible explanations for their adverse reactions. Although it’s very tempting for me to explore a lot of these topics

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needle, syringe, "medicine", vaccine, vaccinations, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, vaccines: beneficial or toxic? Safe or not?

Vaccines: Safe or Not?

Vaccines: Arguments For and Against Many people are either strong proponents of vaccinations or are strongly opposed to them. Regardless of your present stance, I encourage you to take the time to examine the information presented here, as well as some of the references included. Vaccines: Top Pro and Con Arguments Although (naturally) I do

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electromagnetic frequencies - EMFs - experiment

EMF Exposure Experiment

Exposure = Physical contact or interaction with device (interaction involving contact, so not watching computer or TV from a distance). As you can see, I had some trouble on the bookends of this experiment with limiting my exposure. :/ Even then, however, my interaction with electronics was generally significantly less than what would be typical

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herbal remedies, journey to recovery, natural solutions

My Journey to Recovery: A Few Updates AND Taking a Break

Originally published May 04, 2018 on Reflection Cube. Some changes I’ve made lately: Reintroduced zinc, in the form of zinc picolinate (see resources page for the specific brand I’m using). Quickly noticed significant increase in energy levels and sleep quality, although beginning my intense candida treatment seemed to put an end to that. 😀 I

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